MISSION: Uintah County Library supports people of all ages in their quests to learn, grow and discover. We promote individual and community growth by providing opportunities for lifelong learning and enrichment that are centered on first-rate informational resources.



VISION STATEMENT: Residents of Uintah County will see their library as a social, educational and civic hub in the community. At the Library people will enjoy clean, high-quality facilities and services that support lifelong learning.

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MISSION: To partner together advisors and teens to provide a fun and safe environment that encourages leadership, positive relationships, resources, life skills and career readiness to the teens of today that will grow into the adults of tomorrow.  


VISION STATEMENT: Tween & teens of the Uintah County Library will find a fun and safe environment within the Teen Room and it's advisors. Teens can ask for help and resources from advisors in confidentiality.  

Students on a Break