The Uintah Library Teen Reporter Corps is open to students in grades 7-12. Below you will find more information about the program and a consent form that will need to be filled out and turned in on or before the first session.

  • What is the Uintah Basin Teen Reporter Corps?

 The Uintah Basin Teen Reporter Corps is an 8-week program put together by Utah Public Radio and the Uintah County Library in response to a Grant received by USERVE UTAH. Students will meet at the Library for weekly zoom meetings with a member of the UPR family. Together with the help of mentors, students will develop a story idea, interview sources for the story, write the story, and produce a final audio piece. Completed stories will air on Utah Public Radio. 

  • Will I need to provide any materials? 

Certain materials and software will be provided by the Uintah County Library for students to use and check-out in order to complete their assignments. A syllabus as well as use of Google Classroom will be used to help keep students on track with the program and answer questions. Students will also be able to sign-up for Media Lab hours at the Library for use of equipment and software, and a quiet room for recording and interviews.  


On the first day students will be given a packet with all the information that they will need in order to access their mentors, classrooms, and software. Some supplies you may want to bring for your first session would include: 

  • Notebook

  • Pens/Pencils


  • Do you have to come to the Library for every session?

If any students are not able to make the weekly sessions at the Library they can still log into the zoom meetings from home. However, access to needed software (Like Adobe) will have to be used at the Library unless you already have those softwares personally. 

  •  What about COVID?

We are taking every precaution with regards to COVID. Conference rooms will be wiped down before and after all sessions. Tables and students will be distanced apart appropriately. And all equipment and kits will be sanitized after each use. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. 


This session the Uintah Basin Teen Reporter Corps will be working on a H20 theme. Finished pieces will air on UPR and be apart of a special traveling exhibit for Utah Humanities.  

Week 1- Thursday March 11th  4pm-5pm 


Week 2- Thursday March 18th 4pm-5pm

 Interviews and sources


Week 4- Thursday April 1st 4pm-5pm

 How to write a script

Week 5- Thursday April 8th 4pm-5pm

 Peer Edit Scripts

Week 6- Thursday April 15th 4pm-5pm

 How to Edit Audio

Week 7- Thursday April 22nd 4pm-5pm

 First listen through

Week 8- Thursday April 29th 4pm-5pm

Final listen throughs

Recording Studio

Finished Radio Pieces By Students 

Addressing Native American inclusion in history classroomsKylie Matson
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